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Rail Transport

Railway transport, road transport, according to the international transportation offers a more economical and safer options. According to the type of commodity can be open or closed wagons use, transport tadaha done in a healthy environment.

Import-exports, especially to the Europe, Middle East and Asia, the safest and most economical mode of transport rail transport.

We take over all operations in international shipments. Internal transportation, loading, consolidation, sealing, and document services to the railway bill of lading, customs etc.

Germany and Bulgaria as a result of shipments that have continued unabated, the Europe ‘, or railway-highway connections, combined transport projects Istanbul Connecting you very soon in order to provide better service Istanbul will open the branch.

Service regions: Germany, Bulgaria, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan.

According to the demands of our customers;
FOR (Free On Rail – Wagon-top delivery) or,
DAF (Delivered At Frontier – Frontier Delivery) making the move.

Rail Transport